Monday, July 30, 2012

First Post!

First post ever!  

Well, since the rest of the world has been jumping on the blogging bandwagon, I thought I, too, should jump in and share a little of myself to the world.  To be completely honest, I have never done anything like this in my life.  Surely I do e-banking and make blazing fast purchases online (Amazon, anyone?), but I think it's time to test the blogging waters and see whether I sink or swim.

Like many, many others who have been here before me, I've been thinking about blogging for those same reasons: I have a little something to say, and I'd like to share it.  Much of my inspiration to doing this stems from papercrafting.  I've always loved working with paper, especially washi paper for origami, however my imagination has been soaring to new and unexpected heights since I've been exploring the phenomena of homemade cards, rubber stamping, ink pads, scrapbooking layouts, crop parties, ATCs and mixed media used on paper.  Who knew such a world existed?  I thought I was being such a big-wig buying a pretty card from Papyrus.  Psh!  Not that I'd ever snob Papyrus, but nowadays I definitely know my family and friends appreciate my handmade cards more than anything, even though my work is not immune to the varied flaws that may come with papercrafting (ink smudges and uneven cuts, just to name a few).  Since I started this hobby three years ago, I've been able to find my style and really hone in on the techniques that I think make the paper come alive and give it character.  I hope that with this new blog page, I can become even more inspired to create and share my ideas with the web community.

I thought it would be funny to name my page "Created Inside the Box."  The Box I'm referring to is my craft room because, quite literally, it is a tiny box, heh.  I'm not whining, though; before my Box came into the picture, I didn't even have a small end-table to call my own. All my crafting supplies were haphazardly stowed away in various boxes and plastic baggies sprinkled throughout the house, which hardly made my husband wonder why he would leave the dining table with an ink stain on his elbow or a strip of paper attached to his shorts (gotta love Score-tape and its super strength!).  Maybe he felt sorry for me, or perhaps it was my constant nagging?, but he eventually closed off an end portion of the sub-basement, put some flooring down, slapped on some paint and it is now my tiny little craft room - The Box - where I go for some peace, a little bit of Pandora, and definitely lots of creativity!  Once I rid my table of the 'debris,' I will post some pictures.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!